Waiting Child: Alberto Would Like to Jump Into a New Family

Alberto's profile says he has a good personality, that may be an understatement. He's easy going, happy, friendly and after our visit to Sky Zone Trampoline Park on East 61st, you can say he knows how to have fun.

All of that energy? He just turned ten years old. When he's not bouncing around, Alberto is in fourth grade and really loves school.

"I like to do science, go to recess and I like to read and go to gym."

During and after school, Alberto likes to hang out with his friends.

"We just talk about stuff. We talk about football and pokeman."

No girls just yet, but it's because he's too busy having fun, like playing games and with his hot wheels collection in his room. It's not all just fun and games Alberto also has responsibilities.

"I take out the trash and clean my room."

On this day, Alberto's only responsibility was to have a good time. His favorite part of the day?

"Dodge ball."

When it comes to talking about a forever family, he's a little less talkative......but would like a home with siblings and parents who can provide a loving structured environment.

If you are interested in providing that love a structure for Alberto or any of the children we've featured on Waiting Child call 1-800-376-9729.

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