Waiting Child Christopher

"Here's a bunch of the famous people, we have of course Sam Bradford, you remember him?{} Yes."Our Waiting Child, Christopher is a huge O-U fan, so NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took him to the perfect place to visit:{} Boomer Town USA in the Farm Shopping Center.{}{} {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {}Along with looking at all the neat memorabilia, the store made sure he left with OU football tickets, a jersey, cap... and an autographed football from Billy Simms.{} To top it off, Billy even called him personally while he was at the store!"Christopher, Billy wants to talk to you.{} Hello?{} Christopher?{} Yeah.{} How you doing, this is Billy Simms.{} I'm doing good.{} Good, good, how old are you?{} 13." {}Christopher is rather quiet and soft spoken, and a really good kid.{} And while he has heroes on the field, he needs them everyday in his personal life.{} He says he wants to go to OU and become a veterinarian... and permanent parents could certainly help him reach that goal.{} Right now, he makes mostly A's & B's at school. And, having a permanent loving home would mean the world to him.{}{}{}{} {}"I'd{} feel more secure and at home. I'd actually feel like I have a home and like I'd have a family that won't leave." {}If you have room in your home and love in your heart to help a child, Christopher is waiting for you.{}

{}For more information about Christopher, call OKDHS Child Welfare at 581-2033.{} Just ask to speak to someone about Christopher and the Waiting Child adoption program. {}{}{}{}{}