Waiting Child Dathan

NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert{} arranged for waiting child Dathan to have a great experience testing his athletic skills.{} They went to JP Archery in Sapulpa, where co-owner David Nance gave Dathan some excellent instruction.{} It worked, and Dathan was hitting the bull's eye in no time.{} At 12 years old, Dathan's in great shape and loves being active.{} This 6th grader says P-E is one of his favorite classes.And, with his outgoing personality, Dathan enjoys having many friends.{} He knows you have to treat friends right.

"Pay attention, be nice to them and have fun."

Dathan is really looking forward to being adopted.{} His DHS case worker says a permanent mom and dad could{} have a big impact on helping him reach his full potential.{} And, if they have Native American heritage, that's a plus.{} Dathan is Muscogee Creek Indian.{} He explained what Muscogee Creek means.

"Muscogee is the same as creek, but it's in creek.. Creek means muscogee, but it's in English."Dathan is a kid who has his whole life ahead of him.{} But, right now, he needs a place to call home and people who he can trust and love.{} He has a whole list of things he'd like to do with a forever family.{} {}"I would like one that likes to horse back ride, archery, fishing,{} hunting."{}

If you would like to find out more about Dathan and the DHS adoption program, call child welfare.{} The number is 918-581-2033. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}


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