Waiting Child Eric

Eric is a handsome 11 year old, and there's hardly a sport he doesn't love.{} So, Jenks Youth Baseball instructor, Mike Ponio, met Eric and NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert at the ballfield for some batting practice.Eric caught on quickly, which is no surprise, as he's very bright and made the honor roll last semester. He paid attention to the coach and told Carole several things he learned.

"Just relax...put the bat in the air and make sure your shoulders are down, and he said make sure when the ball comes, you're low."Eric is a kind hearted kid and loves animals.{} He'd like to have his own pet someday, maybe a huskie.

And, he doesn't care if his adopted family lives in the city or the country. Or if they have other children. He would, though, like to make sure that they'll help him attend church regularly.{} You see, that's very important to Eric because he wants to be a preacher."Share the word of God.{} And, I like reading the Bible.{} I like the books of the Bible, like the New Testament.{} I haven't really gotten down the Old Testament yet, but I got the New Testament down."{}{} Eric has so many positives. Good grades, athletic ability, an outgoing personality, and the desire to{} be a good person.{} Now, all he needs is a loving adoptive home to help him achieve his goals in life.

If you would like more information about Eric, or DHS adoption, call Child Welfare.{} The number is 918-581-2033.