Waiting Child Kalil & Edward

{}{}{}{} JRP Speedway in West Tulsa is a family affair with father and son operating the go kart business, so they were more than happy to host our waiting children, Kalil and Edward.{} And, these brothers had a ball!{}{}{}{} Kalil is ten and Edward is 14. They're outstanding young men and being adopted together is their top priority.{}{}{}{} Kalil does well in school, social studies is his favorite subject.. and he really likes to read."What type of things do you like to read about?{} Non fiction, like the air force and planes and all types of non fiction books." {}{}{}{} Edward says his favorite subject is language arts.{} And, he's quite athletic having been involved in track.{}{}{}{} These brothers get along well with their friends and really have their sights set on their futures.{} They want to make something of their lives.Kalil says, "I want to be in the army.{} Why?{} Because I just want to be an engineer, like the army people."{}{}{}{} And, Edward?{} "A scientist, wow, I'm impressed, what kind of scientist?{} One that just has ideas and stuff."{}{}{} {}{}{} {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} If these brothers could have a mom and dad to help them along the way, it would make reaching their goals so much easier.{} Plus, they'd have the one thing they really want... someone who cares."Have somebody to share my feelings with and stuff.""Cause it will be a real family to settle in with."{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Kalil and Edward are waiting for you to call and find out more about them.{} DHS Child Welfare is anxious to tell you more.{} Just call 581-2033.