Waiting Child Kassie

{}{}{}{} The folks at Purple Glaze in Brookside always have an open door for our Waiting Children.{} So, that's where NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took Kassandra.{} For Kassandra, who likes to be called Kassie, it was the perfect activity!

{}{}{}{}{} "I love art.{} I love painting. I just love all that stuff I haven't done this in a long time, I haven't painted in a long time."{}{}{}{} Kassie will be 11 in February.{} She's in the 5th grade and loves school.{}{}{}{} "This year, the last report card and last progress report, straight A's, no matter what, yeh." {}{}{}{}{} Kassie wants to be a special education teacher to help children with special needs. She delights in helping others and keeps a very positive attitude.{}{} {}{}{}{}{}{} "Being a Christian, I know my life is put into God.{} I know that God is inside my heart.{} He's with me all the time, so if I'm just having a bad day, I can go and I can pray wherever I want to.{} I just like to be able to do that." {}{}{}{}{}{} Kassie keeps faith that there is a family that would like to adopt her.{} She wants that more than anything.{}{}{}{}{}{} "I've{} just got to know that I've got to keep my chin up and just pray that I can have a family."{} {}{}{}{}{}{}{} If you would like to find out more about Kassie and DHS adoption, call child welfare at 581-2033.{}{}