Waiting Child Kialee

"Let's see, I want you to put your feet there, bring your knee up, put your arms, yes, there you go."

NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took Kialee to Laura Hahn, at Photography by Laura, for a professional portrait sitting.{} Laura has helped many of our waiting children and has a wonderful way making them feel comfortable and relaxed.{} Kialee took to the camera instantly and loved every moment of her session, including the tiara. Kialee is a beautiful 15 year old, is in the 10th grade, and her outgoing personality is perfect for drama and music."I love to write music, I love to sing it, I love everything about music."{}Kialee was saddened by Michael Jackson's death last year.{} He was her inspiration. Here are some of the lyrics of the song she wrote in Jackson's memory.{} It's called{} "I Look to You." {}"you were my guidance to a brand new life.{} You always made me happy.{} And, when I was feeling down, I look to you.{} Yeah, I look to you." Kialee is a good student with dreams for her future.{} She wants to do her best both at school and in her personal life.{} She hopes to find a Christian family that will make her life complete. And, she doesn't care if her new home is a single or two parent home.{} "Would you like to have both a mom and dad?{} It doesn't matter to me as long as I have someone."

Just because Kialee is a little older, it doesn't mean her desire to be adopted is any less than a younger child.{} If you would like to help Kialee find her forever home, call OKDHS Child Welfare in Tulsa.{} The number is 581-2195. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}