Waiting Child Marissa

Marissa is a pretty name for a pretty girl.{} And, since this 15 year old enjoys arts and crafts, Color Me Mine Paint Studio, at the Jenks Riverwalk, invited her to be their guest.NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert says Marissa is a very positive teenager, makes friends easily, enjoys a wide variety of interests, including sports and fishing... and she loves living in the country.{} Ever since she was little, she has enjoyed playing in the mud!"Sometimes I go barefooted in it.{} And, like when it goes between my toes, it feels good, like all squishy and everything." Marissa has been in 4-H at school and received a ribbon for the bead necklace she made.{} She loves animals and would like to have her own dog someday.. maybe a chi-weenie. At the top of her list, though, is Marissa's faith.{} She just attended church camp.. and she as her heart set on becoming a missionary.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {}"I feel like I need to bring them to God, so everybody I can get to listen to me and get saved can go to heaven." But, right now, Marissa needs to find an adoptive home. A family that will give her spiritual support and be involved in her life day to day.{} {}"If I have a loving family then I will be just like a normal happy kid."Marissa is ready to share her love, are you?{} We hope you'll call DHS to find out more about this pretty girl with a pretty name. The number at child welfare is 918-581-2033. They'd love to tell you more about Marissa and the adoption program.