Waiting Child Monasia

Monasia told NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert that art is her favorite subject, so Mary Jo Luster, at the Red Fork Art Gallery, gave Monasia a lesson to help her create her own painting. It was easy to see that for Monasia, it's more than just enjoying art, she has a lot of talent. {}Monasia is an outstanding 13 year old. She takes school seriously and wants to go to college, and who knows?{} Maybe become famous someday."The reason why I really want to be famous is to just teach people how to draw, and I want to be famous so people can look at my art pictures and say that's really beautiful, I want to become an artist one day."Monasia is outgoing, very polite and wants guidance from adults to help her learn and make good choices. Most of all, she's a very kind, caring and thoughtful child."I love to share everything with anybody.{} Like if someone's standing there lonely, I'd go up to them and say, do you want me to go talk?{} Or, you can come play with me."DHS is hoping to find a single or two parent home where Monasia can find the support and love she is seeking. In return, they'll have a lovely daughter who wants to make their life complete, too."I hope to give my adoptive parents the best time, I want to make them happy, they chose me."If you would like to find out more about Monasia, call DHS child welfare. The number is 581-2033.