Waiting Child Rikki and Dani

{}{}{}{}{}{} We first met Rikki in May when we visited Heavenly Halo Horse ranch.{} Rikki has a soft spot in her heart for animals, especially horses. {}{}{} {}{}{}{}{} "Because when you watch them run through a field, it's like they're free almost.{} And, I've always wanted to feel that way." {}{}{}{}{}{} Rikki is 15 and will be in the 10th grade. She's very bright and has done so much better in school thanks to counseling.{}{}{}{}{}{}{} She'd like to find a family that will go to church and just enjoy normal daily activities. That's something she's never had."My favorite thing I've wanted to learn about a family is that they can keep me safe and they love me, so."{}{}{}{} The same goes for Danielle, who likes to be called Dani.{} She also hopes to find a permanent home.{} We first met her last January. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Dani turned ten in April and loves to read.{} She will easily steal your heart with her sweet and kind nature. Dani tries so hard to please.{} She gets help with her special needs and that has helped her performance at school.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {}"Really, really, really good.{} What kind of grades?{} A's, B's and S's."{}{}{}{} {}{}{}{}{} Dani attends church, likes animals, and really hopes her future includes a mom and dad.{}{} {}{}{}{} Both Rikki and Dani are outstanding children who truly deserve to have forever homes.{}{}{}{} {}{}{}{}{} NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert hopes you'll call DHS Child Welfare to find out more about Rikki or Danielle.{} The number is 581-2195.{} They'll also be happy to tell you more about DHS adoption.{}