Waiting Child: Riding Horses With Robert

Robert loves the outdoors and he loves horses. Thanks to Lindsay Vander Woude and My Son Rises Stable in Broken Arrow, Robert was able to enjoy both, on Macaroni.

"Just kind of brush it off, see how shiny it makes him?" asks Lindsay.

Robert is very much at ease with horses and loves the outdoors, whether it's just playing outside or studying nature.

"What do you love about being outdoors?" asks Keith Taylor

"Just looking around, finding bugs, sometimes lizards," says Robert.

In other words, a typical boy. Robert is 13 years old with a great sense of humor and it shows when he talks about his favorite subjects, lunch and recess. He also loves to read, whether at home or at school.

"I try to read books, just read some books, like a magazine."

And Robert is hoping that his forever family might have similar interests.

"I would like someone with animals, like maybe out in the country. Where I could do in the field, like pull the dirt."

Robert needs a committed family that can assure him they will be there for him and provide him with attention and emotional security. In return Robert can be the son a loving and nurturing family always wanted.

If you can provide that nurturing environment for Robert or any of the children we've featured on Waiting Child, call 1-800-376-9729.

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