Waiting Child Rose

{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Our Waiting Child, Rose, loves arts and crafts.{} So, NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert took her to Alouette Unique Bead Shop, at 91st and Memorial.{} They were most happy to host her and help her create a beautiful necklace.{} Rose actually chose a gold rose as the centerpiece, and used blue beads for the chain.{} She did a fabulous job.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Rose is a delightful 14 year old.{} She's outgoing and loves to share her thoughts.{} Carole asked her what it's like to be a teenager.

{} {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} "It's kind of hard, but it's easy, it's in the middle.{} How's that?{} Having fun, but kind of hard, like doing a lot of work... laugh."{}{} {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} Rose is on medication for her special needs.{} And, she feels she's made tremendous progress in dealing with her challenges. She really enjoys little kids... and music.{} So, both are playing a part in shaping her goals.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} "The three things I'm going to do when I grow up.{} I'm going to be a mom, working at a daycare, and then I want to be a singer." {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} But, right now, Rose needs loving supportive parents who will help her day by day. She'd like to have a mom.. to go shopping with, or help cook... or just talk when she has a problem or when she's happy.{} Rose can only imagine what adoption will bring... but, she's excited and hopeful that it will make her life complete.{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} "I'd be like happy and good and having a good life."{}{}{}{}

{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} If you would like more information about Rose and the DHS adoption program, call child welfare at 918-581-2033.{} {} {} {} {} {}{}