Waiting Child Success Story!

{}{}{}{}{} Since 1980, NewsChannel 8 has aired our weekly waiting child program.{} Carole Lambert features special needs children, like Katie, who want to be adopted.{} Our waiting children are in permanent custody of DHS through no fault of their own.{} For example, Katie was only 11 days old when she suffered shaken baby syndrome.{} Her abuse led to blindness, seizures and other permanent disabilities.

{}{}{}{}{} In January of 2007, the hospital became her home.{}{}{}{} DHS had tried many times to find Katie an adoptive home, but it hadn't happened.{}{}{}{} So, in 2009, Carole featured Katie on Waiting Child, and her picture was also featured in the Waiting Child Heart Gallery which traveled the state. {}{}{}{}{} It worked.{} A prospective family came forward after seeing the video... and her picture in the Heart Gallery.{} After learning about her, they fell in love with her.{} They became an approved DHS adoptive family, and{} learned how to care for her special needs.{}{}{}{} Carole is happy to tell you that Katie was placed into her adoptive home this past May.{}

{}{}{}{} And, that is something we celebrate and are thankful for this Thanksgiving.