{}{}{}{}{} Andy B's of Tulsa has hosted many of our waiting children, and this time, Victorya got to work with bowling instructor, Christina Holcomb. {}{}{}{}{} Victorya, who likes to be called Tory, just turned 15.{} She says science, art and P-E are her favorite classes in school, and she hopes to become a teacher someday. {}{}{}{}{} Tory likes all kinds of music, especially country music. Last year, she saw Rascal Flats at the BOK Center."It was cool, like right when Rascal Flats came out, they blew up a guitar and fireworks shot out."{}{}{}{} Tory's special needs will require parents who are patient, understanding and supportive.{} In return, they'll find a happy teenager who tries to please, and loves to remember special times, like her vacation to Sea World.{}{} {}"I saw Shamu, acrobats perform with blue whales, and a 300 pound Walrus.{} I was sitting right in the front, it would go in the water and fill its mouth up with water and just spit it at you."{}{}{}{}{}{} Tory says being adopted would make her very happy.{} She doesn't care if it's a one or two parent home, with or without other children.{} She just wants someone to care enough to share their love with her.

Call the Oklahoma Department of Human Services Child Welfare for more information about Tory and the DHS adoption program.{} The number is 581-2033.