Waiting Child Zachary

Photo by Jack Fain

Our Waiting Child, Zachary, who likes to be called Zach, was thrilled with his first lesson in martial arts.{} Instructor Chris Norman, at Apollo's Karate in south Tulsa, explained how it helps you learn respect and self control. NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert says Zach seemed to be a natural, catching on very quickly. He feels it could teach him so much. "If I stayed in martial arts, I think it would really help me with my school work.{} It would teach me responsibility and discipline to be able to work on my school work." Zach is 13 and is in the 6th grade.{} He scores well on state required testing, but his day to day grades in school could improve.{} He has the potential and permanent parents could make a world of difference to give him stability, encouragement and support. In addition, they'd have a fun, outgoing son who likes to be involved in activities.{} He's in Boy Scouts, attends church... and if you fish... well, that's a real plus!"Total weighed in at about five pounds for the trout, one weighed a pound, it was a big trout. I wish I'd gotten that on video.. It was cool."Zach wants to be adopted.. He'd like to have both a mom and dad.{} This waiting child wants to know that there's someone there for him everyday... parents who care.. and a place he can always call home. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {}

If you would like more information on Zachary and the DHS adoption program, call child welfare.{} The number is 918-581-2033.