Waiting Children Featured on Billboard

It was the summer of '09 when NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert first introduced us to{} Aujinee, and twins, Candace and Jamell.{} The twins were getting ready for the first grade, and Aujinee was going into the third grade.These siblings are very affectionate.. and have great personalities.{} They'll keep you entertained.{} Aujinee loves to dance.

"I do, when I grow up, I want to be a ballerina, a superstar ballerina."{}Unfortunately, the kids have not yet been adopted, but we hope that a very creative idea will help them find a mom and dad.{}Aujinee, Candice and Jamell are now featured on a billboard that promotes the Tulsa Zoo.{} A NewsChannel 8 viewer actually bought the rights to this billboard at a fundraiser for the Tulsa Zoo.{} It's located on the east side of Highway 169 between 51st and 61st streets.The viewer could choose any child she wanted for the billboard, but she wanted to feature a Waiting Child.{} It was decided Aujinee, Candice and Jamell were the perfect children!So, just a couple of months ago, the kids spent the morning at the Zoo for their billboard photo session.{} They had a blast.. they get along so well together... and love animals.{} While they may be a bit older now, their hope hasn't changed. They want to be adopted, together.So, now that you know these kids are still waiting, DHS would love to hear from you.{} One home for 3 terrific kids... wouldn't that be a billboard to remember! {}

Please call, DHS Child Welfare at 918-581-2033. {}{}{}{}{}{}