Waiting Children L'Reeya & Tomea

The Tulsa Historical Society is currently showcasing a wonderful traveling children's exhibit, "The Big Adventure".{} So, NewsChannel 8's Carole Lambert wanted to be sure and let R'Leeya and Tomea experience it.{} They found it a lot of fun!{} These sisters are two of the most polite and respectful young ladies you'll find.{} R'Leeya will be 11 at the end of March, and Tomea is 12.{} They're happy kids, bright and have dreams for their futures.{} R'Leeya wants to be a doctor, and Tomea is interested in becoming a police officer.{} While the girls are not involved in sports, both enjoy music, especially singing.

"My old church, the one that I used to go to.{} I used to sing in the choir there, and it was really fun."

"Perform songs in front of like crowds, pretty used to it.{} I can like get my groove."{}{}{} {}Both girls want to continue their involvement at church.{} They want to live their lives by setting good examples for others."Iif you do a great thing, you shouldn't think about the reward you're going to get, you should just think about what it's going to do to others, like if it's going to make them happy, or sad, or anything.{} And, if they're sad, you go and try to help them."{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{} {} The Oklahoma Department of Human Services is looking for one loving adoptive home for these sisters. All the girls want is to be a real family."Just playing like family games and stuff, or sometimes go out and eat or stay home and have family dinners, that'd be so nice.{>}

If you would like more information about R'Leeya and Tomea, call DHS Child Welfare.{} The number is 918-581-2033.

DHS has children of all ages and race waiting to find a forever home. {}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}{}