Walmart Employees Protest Working Conditions

The bold letter signage is designed to catch your eye, and attention was being grabbed, but it wasn't for anything that Walmart was promoting.

"We're glad you guys came," said Jeff Landry, one of three Walmart employees, protesting working conditions at one of the largest companies in the country with little more than some cardboard and a black magic marker.

"It's very intimidating. The stores had a meeting, actually yesterday, and of course I think it brought out a little fear, which is why we're so limited in numbers here today," he said.

On the list of complaints, asking workers at a lower pay grade to fill in, in a department with a higher pay grade, without paying them the difference.

"They don't give you that money, I just worked my whole shift in this department that's 80 cents and I wont get to see that on my paycheck. Ok, thanks," said Nathane.

"How are the benefits? There are no benefits. I'm full time, like I've been working here 2 years," said David Gibbs with his wife Naomi, fed up with an ever changing work schedule and having his hours sporadically cut.

"I have a wife to support, a baby girl on the way. I can't make it like every time they want to cut me like 4 or 5 hours," he said.

Jeff feels that his hours have been cut in retaliation for speaking out on issues such as unachievable deadlines and being overworked. Taking on a giant, with an occasional honk of support to help them deal with the can of worms they've just opened.

"We're not sure what's going to happen when we go back, but you know, we're tired, and we want to have our voices heard out here," said Jeff.