Want A New School? Apply For A Transfer

Tulsa Public Schools has long been known as the district of choice. Now, if you would like to change your child's school, you have the chance.

With school consolidation there are fewer choices in actual school buildings. But if you are dissatisfied in anyway, or if you want to try something different, now is the time to put those applications in. There is a deadline, so no procrastinating.

There are two transfer processes in place. One is for low performing schools--formerly No Child Left Behind Schools. Since school letter grades just came out, those families are just being notified. They can transfer--in January for the second semester.

At the same time, special programs are now accepting applications for next school year--academics, foreign language programs.

All this is happening as those A-F grades came out. With 37 schools listed as "D" schools and several as "F"s, schools could see more applications. But classroom space is an issue.

"Capacity is a requirement that you look for student transfers. We obviously are not going to overcrowd a building because then that degrades the educational opportunity for all students in that building," said Chris Johnson of Tulsa Public Schools.

But Johnson says they are considering the fact they could see more transfers. Since transfers are based on space, one option could be virtual school, which is a new program Tulsa Public Schools is offering with online courses.

Check deadlines and find all transfer information, with a link on the left side of this page.