Want To Save Money? Avoid These Overpriced Products

We love convenience, but sometimes pay dearly for it. There's a list out of some of the most overpriced products to avoid if you want to save money.

The list comes from a personal finance Website.{} It says if you really want to save money, stay away from buying these things that have a huge markup. They include:

  • Bottled water.{} By one estimate, bottled water has a 4000% markup over tap water.{} And since much of it comes from municipal taps, you're better off refilling that plastic bottle at home.{} Make sure it's clean though.
  • How about movie theater popcorn?{} That's a 1275% markup compared to what you buy in the store.{}
  • Brand name drugs have a 200% to 3000% markup over their generic counterparts.
  • Ever tempted to raid the hotel room mini bar?{} Markups of 300% to 400% are common.
  • At four bucks a pop, or more, greeting cards are expensive.{} But we still pay the 200% markup that stores put on them.
  • Coffee.{} (Did you hear Starbucks is raising prices?) 300% markup, when we could brew a cup at home for a quarter.

Many of these things are tough to resist because they're convenient.{} But if you really want to cut back, avoiding them will save you money.Click here for WalletPop's "10 Most Overpriced Products You Should Avoid"{}{}