Warmer Weather Bringing out Mosquitoes

Many will spend a lot of time outside this holiday weekend and the mosquitoes are waiting for you Some residents in Bixby are reporting a lot of mosquitoes in the area, that may be because of its elevation and its location near the river.

The weather changes also play a part into seeing more mosquitoes.

Scott Meador, with the Tulsa County Health Department said mosquitoes are mainly focused on finding water.

"They need water in place for five to seven days. So, they can go from laying the eggs through all the stages and come out as an adult," Meador said.

There are some things you can do to keep mosquitoes away.

"Wear a repellent that contains DEET while they are out there if they see any stagnant water they should dump it out," Meador said.

Others said they use rubbing alcohol once they have been mosquito bites and if the bites are bad enough they will take an oatmeal bath. There is one tip that just will not work in Oklahoma.

"Wearing long sleeves and long pants may prevent mosquitoes from biting your arms and legs but here in Oklahoma in July that really isn't practical" Meador said.

The Tulsa County Health Department has made about 300 tests on mosquitoes and none of them have come back positive for West Nile virus.