Warmer Weather Pushing Spiders from Your Porch to Inside Your House

This warmer weather means more creepy crawlers are coming out of the wood work, namely spiders. If you have noticed more of them in your house you aren't alone. Spiders are coming out of the gardens looking for a cool moist place to stay.

"They are going to stay where the moisture is around and underneath the cabinets. Maybe where your sink is. Under where bottles and boxes are stored, darker areas," OSU Extension Educator of Horticulture, Brain Jervis said.

Typically, spiders come out at night when the house is quite and if you have clutter in your home you need to move it. Jervis said they will hide in the voids between the boxes and the walls in your home and the garage.

If you are noticing more in your home than in the past you might need to spray.

"You can try to do it yourself but it may be best to try and talk to pest control operator, they will spray under the house, around the door jams, and around the porches," Jervis said.

There are two poisonous spiders in Oklahoma. One is the well-known Black Widow, which is black with an orange hour glass shape on its back. The other is the Brown Recluse, which is also called a Fiddleback because of the fiddle design on it's back.

If you do get bit by a spider, you need to try and figure out the type of spider and then remember one thing.

"Catch it and put it in a jar and put it in the ice box, put it in the freezer, it's best to freeze those and keep them for three or four months. Just in case you get some adverse reactions to that bite," Jervis said.

If you do spray your yard yourself, read the instructions closely because many of them have to be sprayed every seven to ten days.