Was OSU Head Coach Mike Gundy Ever A Heartthrob?

This weekend the Oklahoma State Cowboys have a big game with Texas Tech coached by former Red Raider quarterback Kliff Kingsbury. Kingsbury has been getting a lot of play for his appearance this season. The young and stylish coach has been said to look like movie star Ryan Gosling. The 34-year-old Kingsbury is becoming a heartthrob in his own right.Monday during his weekly media gathering Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy was asked if he was ever a heartthrob."I would have like to have been." said Gundy as laughter was heard by several media members. "I'm going to guess and I should know how old he is, but I don't even know how old he is. Somewhere in the mid-30's? When you make as much money as he does and your single? A lot of people probably consider you a heartthrob."#15 Texas Tech hosts #18 Oklahoma State Saturday at 6:00pm in Lubbock, TX.