Was Special Treatment Given in Owasso Vice Mayor Traffic Stop?

Police video of Owasso's vice mayor being pulled over on suspicion of DUI is raising some eyebrows. The way the night unfolded has some crying, "Favoritism".

Back on February 1, 2013 when vice mayor and veterinarian, Dr. Chris Kelley was pulled over on suspicion of DUI,

police video shows Kelley being given a field sobriety test, only to be placed under arrest. But then, the officer administering the test is called away by a second officer and asked to turn off his recorder.

When the video comes back, Kelley is offered a ride home, without being arrested.

"If you stand on the outside and you look at it, I could see where people would think it would be favoritism," said Dr. Chris Kelley, speaking to Tulsa's Channel 8 outside his veterinary hospital Monday.

Acknowledging that he made a mistake, Kelley says he does not believe special treatment was shown.

"I don't believe it was favoritism at all. I do believe in officer discretion and I've got all the faith in the world in our police officers and that they would do the right thing in a situation like that," Kelley said.

He admits to having a few drinks with friends after a basketball game that night and says there is never an excuse for drinking and driving, acknowledging more than once that he made a mistake and has learned a lesson from the incident.

"I am not a perfect human being, by any stretch, but as I tell my employees in my business -- If you make a mistake, it's only a mistake if you don't learn from it. And I've certainly learned from this."

Kelley also pointed out that he did not ask for special treatment during the stop, or even mention his position with the city.

He says many other people who are not public figures are offered rides home in similar situations.

Tulsa's Channel 8 is told the Owasso Police Department's policy on allowing those recording devices to be turned off is now under review.