Watch Out For The Leaf Storm!

Ever heard of a Leaf Storm? Ok I sorta made that one up. But you got to admit it fits when those beautiful fall colors coupled with the fall gusts of wind turn into a "storm" of falling leaves. You find yourself spending valuable weekend time raking them up, or skimming them up if you have a pool.

The leaves accumulate with amazing speed, almost covering the place you just raked! Furthermore, the trees keep shedding leaves on and on and on!

Have you ever noticed how leaves find the most amazing places to get stuck? Under windshield wipers, chain link fences, gutters, vents and small places aren't spared. Those leaves can clog your guttering and drains.

Ever clean leaves out of rain gutters? Not only is it dangerous to be up on a ladder especially on a windy day, but you can also cut yourself on the sharp metal. Of course you can always invest in gutter guards.

Don't leave the leaves piled up. It's not good for your lawn, and it's a common place for mold to form. Therefore rake and rake and rake. Or you could use a leaf blower, but they don't work well when it's windy. Word of advice, if you're going to invest in a leaf blower get one that has lots of power!

Leaf Storms can cause leaves to pile up to 3 feet or more!

So good luck surviving the dreaded Leaf Storm, and hope those leaves blow into your neighbor's yard!

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