Water Main Break Concerns Apartment Residents

The light was dancing off the lake in the middle of the apartment complex. Which would have been nice, except there's not supposed to be a lake.

"It went from nothing to this like within 2, 3 minutes," said Michael Bovee, marveling at the speed at which the 16-inch water main break filled the courtyard and overwhelmed the storm drains.

"It's been sucking that water down so fast the whole time and it can't even keep up with it, it's like a little whirlwind," he said.

"A mess," said Doug Corrie, stunned at just how far the water spread.

"And it goes all the way to the other side of these apartments to that other street way out there," he said.

Stephanie Ledoux had a full house and flood worries.

"Has it gotten into your apartment? A little bit, When it was first rushing through it came up so fast, we I have one of those door blockers to block the wind from coming from underneath, we used that to stop it," she said.

Fortunately, the water has subsided a few critical inches, even so there's worry that this river will turn into a rink.

"It's gonna freeze, straight up freeze," said Doug.

Water woes, running as fast and deep as the river on their doorstep.

"I just hope they can get it shut off so it'll stop running, and that's the problem it's still running," said Stephanie.