Water Main Break in Rogers Co. Forces Outage, School Closures

Some residents in Rogers County have no water or very low water pressure in areas near Oologah, Chelsea, and Foyil. A break in a ten inch water line is causing the problems. It happened just after midnight Thursday morning.

The water break forced Foyil Public Schools to close for the day and will remain closed Friday.

"When I heard they had closed Foyil school because of it I thought uh oh probably a week," Foyil resident Lorene Walkingstick said.

Walkingstick has lived in Foyil for 17 years and takes care of the world's largest totem pole. She said last year they had to clean the water towers close to her and her water pressure was low, but that is the only other time.

The rural water district was out at midnight looking for the problem. Workers had a plan to walk down separate tracks to try and find the problem. But it is difficult to find a break at night with no water running through the pipes to show you where to look.

"We noticed the pond much larger and so it's a good indication when you have been by it a hundred times and you see that it's large that possibly there is a leak right there filling the pond," District Manager for RWD #3 Rick Stull said.

As soon as the line was found workers started digging and spent several hours fixing the line. The fix should be complete Thursday evening and by 9 p.m. there should be some water. Stull said if the fix goes well, he expects everyone to have water by Friday morning.

Stull said due to a line break and the Tacora, West Foyil and Bushyhead Towers, being fully drained, DEQ has advised us to issue a precautionary boil order. It is advised that the consumers of the Tacora, Foyil and Chelsea side bring the water to a full, rolling boil for at least one minute before consumption, food preparation, dish washing, tooth brushing, wound care and bathing infants who may ingest bath water. (This does NOT include the Owasso, Keetonville, Collinsville areas).For updates: