Water Main Breaks Popping Up Around Tulsa Metro

Repair crews are working to respond to the more than 16 water main breaks in the Tulsa metro area Friday. They also continued to work on some water main breaks from Thursday night. Issues with Tulsa's water lines began popping up late Thursday. City officials are blaming the recent cold weather and shifting grounds for all the breaks. Crews also say some of Tulsa's pipes are between 60 and 80 years old. "A lot of them are still holding up. Some of them, not so good," said Eastside Water Distribution Manager Blaine Parnell. One of the breaks happened near 12th and Harvard. It is there that a 16-inch line has affected more than 30 businesses. Crews expect to be out repairing them through Friday. Crews also responded to a 12 inch main that had broken at 26th Place and Yale. Crews had originally anticipated needing to close Yale's northbound lane. Instead, they were able to navigate traffic around it.Parnell said it is likely the 26th Place and Yale repair will continue into the weekend. After that, he said, it might take a contractor between seven and 10 days to fix the road like it was.A neighbor in the area said he would understand extra traffic passing through his neighborhood in light of the problem."If it has to happen, it has to happen. So, I would hope folks would accommodate that for me if I had a broken water main," neighbor Chris Miracle said.