Water Main Breaks Keeping Crews Busy in Tulsa

Water filling the streets near North Memorial and Latimer

Water main breaks happening all over the Tulsa metro this week have left crews scrambling to make repairs.

Crews worked all day Thursday to repair 14 different line breaks, with 4 of those from Wednesday and the other 10, happening after midnight Thursday.

The city tells Tulsa's Channel 8, they spend around $9 million a year on repairs and maintenance. They are working to replace all of the outdated lines, but they say that work will not be completed any time soon.

"We've got a lot of old cast iron pipes that were built back in the 1940's and '50's, when cast iron was the material to build water lines. We don't use it anymore, but we're seeing a lot of failures in those lines that were built back then," said Bob Bledsoe with the city of Tulsa.

The work is paid for with money from water service bills. Tulsa has more than 2,300 miles of water lines, city-wide.