Water Main Breaks: Who Pays For The Damage?

Water filling the streets near North Memorial and Latimer

Over the past week, workers for the City of Tulsa scrambled to repair dozens of breaks.

Overnight, we spotted a geyser near Delaware and Tecumseh.

The water shot into the air and then rained down like a waterfall over at least one house.

So who's responsible for damage?

If you have insurance, you need comprehensive coverage on both your car and home.

The City of Tulsa says, homeowners can only be compensated if they can prove negligence.

John Wiscaver with V.P. of Public Affairs with Oklahoma Farm Bureau Insurance says, "If you're a customer with us, we're going to work through that process with you, and determine what the damages were. What's covered? If it is covered, was someone else responsible. Can we seek, not only to get payment back, but also even get your deductible back if it's someone else's fault. With a municipality, it's very difficult. Every one is on a case by case basis."

You can report a water line break by calling the city's 24-hour water emergency line. That number is 918-596-9488.

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