Simple Solution to Keep the Flu Germs Away

With a hundred more people in Oklahoma hospitalized because of the flu in the last week, you might be asking if there is anything you can do to keep the germs away.

Doctors say that flu germs can stick around for several hours on any type of surface. The worst items to touch during flu season are door knobs and the best defense is very simple.

"What I do is wash my hands all the time with soap and water and I also never take a break and go eat something unless I go wash my hands. So, I don't get the different viruses and diseases in my mouth," says Dr. James Stauffer.

It may be a good idea to not shake people's hands during the flu season. Experts say it's not rude or unprofessional if you chose to not shake hands.

"You have a choice during this period of time to say 'You know due to the flu epidemic, I have a rule that I'm not shacking hands,' but I think it's really important on both sides to think about it if you are going to extend your hand to someone else," says business consultant Teri Aluph.

You also want to make sure you have wipes and hand sanitizer around to clean all surfaces that you might touch after someone else.