Ways We Waste Our Money

No one wants to waste money. But it could be slipping through your fingers without you knowing it. says you may be paying for unnecessary, unused or even unwanted services.{} Here's a few of the expenses that give you little or no value for your cash.

  • Credit cards.{} Anytime there's talk of wasted money, credit cards have to be mentioned.{} says the average credit card debt per household is now more than $15,000.{} And the average APR on a credit card with a balance is just under 15%.{} That's wasted money.
  • Unused memberships. At the start of every New Year, gym memberships go up.{} But by one estimate health club members hit the gym an average of 102 days, leaving up to 263 days of each annual membership unused.{} That's wasted money.
  • Airline fees keep piling up.{} A typical bag of checked luggage will set you back around $30 each way on many airlines.{} While airlines make billions in fees, it's wasted money for you.

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