Week 2 Ford Award Nominee

"My name is Dylan Harding. Number four safety and receiver for the Jenks Trojans and I wear Superhero underwear under my uniform for every game.

Last year in the state championship I wore Batman. This year against Union I wore Superman so those are small things I do for big games. It seems like it's pretty lucky so I stick with it."

Dylan played like a member of the Legion of Superhero's in the Backyard Bowl.

He had six tackles on defense and covered Union's best receivers like a cape.

Plus he swooped in and saved the day hauling in a 76 yard touchdown pass with just 25 seconds left to give the Trojans the win over their arch-rival.

I couldn't believe it. It's pretty much one of those things where you look up to a Kejuan Jones when you're younger and you always want to make a play like that.

I get the opportunity in a game situation, under the lights in front of 19,000 fans and it's surreal. To run it into the endzone I was so tired I didn't know what to do and I fell.

It was unbelievable."

The most unbelievable part of Dylan's heroic performance against Union was he played with a separated shoulder.

He says he's played hurt before, but nothing like this.

"My right shoulder was killing me all week. I didn't practice at all. Actually our doctor didn't want me to play. So to get the opportunity to still go out there and play and do as well as we did was awesome.

With a hurt shoulder there were a few things where I didn't want to get up, but I had to.

Just be with my boys out there for my senior year of the Backyard Bowl was awesome. To play hurt it was worth it. it was awesome."

Jenks Superhero Dylan Harding, is your week two, Ford Award nominee.

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