Weekend Forecast: Strong Winds, Few Showers

      Happy Friday... what a difference from earlier this week, huh?

      We're talking some 30-35 degrees of change in some parts of the area. A cold front is slowing down as it makes its way through the state today. With it, strong winds and a few showers will continue; the main area of rain will shift to the East overnight.

      Today: Cloudy, windy and chilly with a few sprinkles and showers. Winds: N 15-30mph. High in Tulsa: 55

      Tonight: Cloudy, windy and cold with a few sprinkles and showers possible. Winds: N 15-25. Low in Tulsa: 41

      Even colder temperatures are expected over the weekend, with highs barely out of the upper 40s on Saturday.
      Early next week we dry out and warm up; seasonable temps expected by Monday and Tuesday.

      Have a great weekend!