West Nile Virus Dangers Increasing

Coolerweather and more rain could increase our mosquito problem and therisks of catching the West Nile virus.

TheState Department of Health is reporting 7 news cases.

Oklahoma has now had 72 cases this year, but no new deaths were reported.

StateHealth Commissioner Dr. Terry Cline says people need to be on thealert.

Theyshould deal get rid of standing water sources and use insect repellent when outdoors.

Clinesays late August and September are peak periods of virus transmissionin Oklahoma.

Hesuggests using an EPA-registered insect repellent, such as thosecontaining DEET, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus.

TheOSDH offered these insect repellent recommendations:

-Productscontaining up to 30 percent DEET can be used on children.

-Useaerosols or pump sprays for skin and treating clothing, because theyprovide even application.

-Useliquids, creams, lotions, towelettes or sticks for more preciseapplication to exposed skin.

-After outdoor activity, wash repellent-treated skin with soap andwater.

-Don'tover apply or saturate skin or clothing.

-Don'tapply to skin under clothing.

-Don'tapply more frequently than directed on the product label.