West Tulsa Church Celebrates 100 Years

West Tulsa United Methodist church celebrated its 100th anniversary today with a reception and tours from 2-4 p.m.

The church was chartered in 1914 and the construction on the current building at 1923 South Phoenix Avenue was finished in 1923. The church was built with rocks from Turkey Mountain, as horse-drawn wagons hauled rocks to and from the location.

A lot of the early members with the church were involved in the construction. Some members at the church have been with the church since the 1920s, said pastor Bill Welch.

And the church is still kicking.

"We really serve the community, and I think that's what is feeding the church's vitality," Welch said.

West Tulsa United Methodist serves 60-100 meals to people in the community every Wednesday night.

Portions of the movie 'Home Run," released in 2013, were filmed in the sanctuary at West Tulsa United Methodist.