"What If" Questions Mount Following Fairmont Terrace Murders

What if? It's a question that comes up in the Fairmont Terrace murders about 39-year-old murder defendant Cedric Poore. What if an outstanding warrant had been served for his parole violation before 4 women were killed?

Kathy King, with the Oklahoma Department of Corrections says, "I can't speculate on that, I don't know. They might have committed them earlier."

The State Probation and Parole Office says obtaining warrants normally takes about 2 weeks. In Poore's case the paperwork took two months. Three people had to sign off on the request to obtain the warrant. But why?

"They're sick or they're on vacation or something like that so that might have played a factor," says King.

Another "what if," if a warrant had been served earlier, would Poore have been rounded up by Tulsa Police for example for his one warrant.

"Say we have someone that have 6, 7, 8, 9 municipal warrants, that individual is really going to be targeted. The resources that we have we can't actively look for that individual for that one misdemeanor warrant," says Tulsa Police Spokesman, Leland Ashley.

The "what if's" could go on....but for the victims's families the questions always will bring them back to reality as Cheron Powell explained earlier this week. Powell lost her twin daughters.

"Still thinking they're going to call me. I'm still thinking I'm gonna hear from 'em that it can't be real," says Powell.

Poore and his 32 year-old brother James are both in jail on four first-degree murder charges.