What the Mayoral Candidates Are Reading Right Now

      You may know where the mayoral candidates stand on the issues, but do you know what book is on their nightstands or loaded on their e-readers. asked each of the candidates what they're reading, and no surprise they're all reading books with a leadership theme.

      Dewey Bartlett

      The 46th Star: A History of Oklahoma's Constitutional Convention and Early Statehood by Irvin Hurst

      Bill Christiansen

      The Real Book About Abraham Lincoln by Michael Gorham

      Kathy Taylor

      The General: American Military Command from World War II to Today by Thomas E. Ricks

      In other mayoral news, the city's firefighters' union announced it's endorsing Kathy Taylor for mayor.

      The union representing non-sworn employees endorsed Bill Christiansen.

      The police union has not endorsed any candidate let. So far Mayor Bartlett is the only leading candidate without an endorsement from one of the city employees' unions.

      The Tulsa World has a good rundown of the endorsements each candidate has received.