What to Expect for the Rest of Winter: More Snow?

With a parade of arctic cold fronts hitting us one after another many people are ready for spring, but winter isn't done with just yet.

In early December, before winter officially started, Green country was hit with a snow and ice storm. In recent weeks, some areas have received rain or snow, but Tulsa's overall precipitation has been below normal.

Also way off the mark have been our temperatures. A series of fronts have pushed arctic air south keeping our temperatures below average since fall began.

This pattern is something I talked about in the fall when I released the winter outlook:

The climate prediction center has Green country with a little higher chance of seeing slightly above normal temperatures through March. While the center has been consistently forecasting above normal temperatures for eastern Oklahoma most of the year, that hasn't been the case instead we've been experiencing cooler than normal temperatures.

I don't think we will see our temperatures change much in the coming months. Does that mean more moisture if it remains cool? We actually may be in for one of those years where we are right on the border of the rain/snow line and you know what the result can be.ICE.

So will this trend continue the next 60 days? While we don't see any major shifts in the pattern, there are some signs that a couple of weather systems could provide us with some moisture in the coming weeks.

Hard to say if it we will see snow, rain or ice, but we can't rule out a mix. Right now, we need every drop we can get especially with abnormally dry conditions returning to parts of the metro and Green Country. Even though February and March aren't typically our wettest months, on average we can still collect some decent precipitation around 5".

If you like roller coaster rides then you have a good idea of what we could experience in the next few weeks. The latest model data shows more twists and turns with our temperatures. That means the winter chill will continue but there will be some warmer stretches of weather mixing in from time to time.