"What Would His Life Look Like?"; Families Remember Local Crime Victims

Crime victims and survivors are honored with a Day of Remembrance.

A tribute featuring pictures of those lost to a violent crime were played on screens as families shared their grief with each other.

It took place Tuesday night at Buddy LaFortune Community Center, 5202 s. Hudson Ave.. in Tulsa's LaFortune Park.

"This annual ceremony pays tribute to the victims, offers support to their survivors and expresses the collective sorrow of our community for the loss of each person as a result of violent crime," said District Attorney Tim Harris. "It is important that we remember the victims, and tell their stories after the headlines fade," Harris added.

That includes Debbie Henry who was at the ceremony remembering her son Scott Bolton. He was beaten to death outside a downtown parking garage in 2004. The nine years that have passed have left her wondering about what could have been.

"It makes you wonder where would Scott be, what would his life look like," asks Henry. "Where would he work? I mean, these things are the same for every family member that loses somebody. Where would they be now?"

The families also planted flowers in memory of lost loved ones.