What's Feeding Grocery Store Boom in Bixby and South Tulsa?

Food is a necessity and you'll have no problem finding it in Bixby. It's not the only area where the number of grocery stores have grown. You can count at least 10 stores in 10 square miles of Bixby and South Tulsa

A new grocery store is sprouting up near Target's turf, and where an Aldi's is already operating in Bixby. There's others just like them nearby too. Plus a Reasor's is under construction in the same area. "We think both of these stores are going to do really well in this market or they wouldn't be here," said Bixby Mayor Ray Bowen. He says 50,000 cars travel through the area everyday, and he says 376,000 people live in a 10 square mile radius of 121st and Memorial. All of them have to eat, some shoppers say their top pick comes down to price. "Pretty important. We have eight people in my family, six kids, so we have to find good deals and stuff.," said Kaitlyn Pickard.

Nearby south Tulsans enjoy the same convenience. Some grocery stores are right across the street from one another. "Oh it's great for me because I have choices," said Shopper Marcia Caldwell. However she said one thing bugs her. "The thing that I do have concern about is that the people in North Tulsa do not have the same sorts of options that we have here, and I also wonder how the grocery stores can stay open when there are so many," she told Tulsa's Channel 8.

Reasor's corporate office says it comes down to research. They've done their homework and so have other stores. If their parking lots and checkout lines are any indication, their presence is paying off.

The new Reasor's in Bixby will open on October 31st. The new Sprouts Farmer's Market just down the street will open in May of 2013.