What's Next for Local Communities with Yes Bond Issue Votes?

With the "Yes Votes" in Jenks and Collinsville, those communities can start planning on when you will see the construction.

In Collinsville Wednesday morning, Superintendent Terry Due met with contractors to figure out when they can start to move.

"We were a little behind facility wise i think every school in the state could boost about their teachers and test scores but when people come into a community they want to look at facilities and it will put us in the same ballpark with the other schools," Due said

The district has to wait 30 days for anyone to protest the election. Every school and grade will see some kind of change and they are hoping to break ground in late February, weather permitting.

"Anything like this is moving us forward. We want to offer a lot more for our kids," Wilson 1st grade teacher Mitzi Vogel said.

Vogel has taught here for the last nine years and is ready for the upgrades, like having a sink in her classroom and not having to speak over a loud window unit.

In Jenks, city council will start planning their street and sewer projects.

"We are living in a house that was built for 9,000 people and we have 18,000. So, we need to widen up the hallways, make sure we add a few bathrooms," Jenks Mayor Lonnie Sims said.

There are three street projects and none of the streets will be closed at the same time. Since the community will be spending 40 million dollars in matching funds from the Oklahoma Department of Transportation along with the bond issue, it might take awhile to complete all the projects.

"These will be scheduled out I would say for at the least the next five years. Several of those projects will get started within one obviously and two years," Sims said.

Both of these votes passed with a large margin and they are both ready for future growth in each community. But new growth means one school that's been there since 1960 in Collinsville will change hands again.

"We will be packing up here at our building at wilson every last thing will be packed into boxes to be moved so that will be a big job but once we are there we will know we will be there for a long time," Vogel said.

Both communities will be working with contractors and making sure these projects do start in a timely manner.

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