Where Are The Jobs?

There was some good economic news last Friday. The national unemployment rate dropped slightly to 8.9%, and nearly 200 thousand jobs were added. So where are the jobs?{}Here's a look at who's adding workers:

  • Goods-producing industries are leading the way (+70,000).{} That includes jobs in mining, logging, and the oil and gas industry, which of course is big here in Oklahoma.
  • Professional services (+47,000).{} These are office jobs.
  • Education & health care (+40,000).
  • Construction (+33,000).
  • Manufacturing (+33,000).{} Analysts say factories and warehouses will continue to bring in new employees because the economy is rebounding. People are buying things, so that boosts production.{} Even better, those tend to be good paying jobs.

As the weather improves, we're thinking of spending money on our yards. Home improvement companies are adding workers as we get into spring. {}

  • Home Depot announced that it'll hire 60,000 seasonal workers.
  • Lowe's will bring in some 50,000 seasonal hires.

Just keep in mind these are seasonal jobs... positions that will last about 90 days.{} But some people will be able to stay on.{}Click here for more seasonal job opportunities.

(Source: CNN)