Where is all the May rain?

May is usually the rainiest month of the year in Green Country. On average, we receive 6.11" of rain each May. However, so far this May we have only received 0.86" of rainfall. Green Country is 2.40" below normal for this time in the month of May (normally we have received 3.26" of rainfall by May 17th).

Well the dry weather is about to change as there is a chance for rain in the forecast for the next week! That's right... I said week! Showers are expected to move into the area and just keep on coming. The greatest threat for severe weather is expected toward the end of the week with a low to moderate chance for large hail and strong wind.

So, do you think we will make up for our lack of rain this month? Do you think we will receive the average amount of rain for the month of May? Do you think we will receive more than the average amount of rainfall for the month? What do you think?

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