Who's on First For The Drillers

"You know the guys names on the baseball team?"


"Well go ahead, who's on first."


"I mean the guy's name."


"The guy playing first."


"The guy playing first base."


"The guy on first base."

"Who, is on first!"

"Why are you asking me for!"

While attending my first Drillers game of the season I couldn't help but think of the old Abbott and Costello bit Who's on first.

I had no idea who some of these guys were.

Simon? Who's that and where does he play? How about Oberg? Or that Featherston cat? 16 guys on the Drillers 26 player roster weren't here last year. There are a lot of new names for fans and broadcasters to get to know this season. So I asked several Drillers fans and none of them had a clue. While fans may not know who these guys are yet. The players themselves are very familiar with each other.

"Yeah, a big group of us have been moving up the ranks together. So developing those relationships for the last two, two and a-half, three years have been great. You kind of don't skip a beat. You know when you get a core group of guys that are all bought in for one thing winning games it's huge. Coming into this level is just another step and we're getting adjusted and taking it day by day. But it's fun." said Taylor Featherston, Drillers 2nd Baseman

They bring instant chemistry with them having played with each other in A and Rookie ball. That's something that excites this coaching staff.

"A lot of those guys were in Ashville. The team that won the South Atlantic League two years ago. So that is good for us. The group that we have here knows each other, polices each other really well. Which makes my job a lot easier." said Kevin Riggs, Drillers Manager

"I'm asking you what's the guys name on first base."

"Oh no Whats on second."

"I'm not asking you who's on second."

"Who's on first!"

"One base at a time now!"

By the way, if you're wondering, Harold Riggins is who's on first for the Drillers.

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