Why Sex Offender Did Not Serve Prison Time

The man accused of breaking into an East Tulsa home and sexually assaulting a five -year- old girl over the weekend is still behind bars. But some people are wondering why Kyle Hancock didn't serve prison time after committing a sex crime just a couple of years ago.

We've learned the reason Hancock was out on the streets is because he accepted a plea bargain in 2012.

"i don't think they should be in the streets at all," said parent Lisa Lincoln.

Lincoln is a mother who believes anyone who sexually assaults a child should stay behind bars.

"Really a slap on the wrist for ruining someone's life. It's not fair to the child," Lincoln said.

On Monday we spoke with Creek County Judge Douglas Golden who handled Hancock's case.

He said he sentenced Hancock to three years probation because Hancock and the district attorney's office agreed on a plea bargain. Judge Golden also said he recalls the victim's family did not oppose the deal. Sex offender Michael Slatton who is accused of abducting a child from a playground a couple of weeks ago also accepted a plea deal for a crime he committed in 2005.

"In many cases that's what happens. Is that there is a question about the evidence and what will happen at trial so they go for a sure thing and they go ahead and have a plea deal," said Donna Mathews who is an Associate Director with Domestic Violence Intervention Services Inc.

Mathews said while most families want their child's predator to go to prison, the ordeal of trial may be too much for the victim.

"We can all understand why the family wants to get the help the need for their child and their family and go on so the child can go to school and can hopefully get back to a normal healthy happy life because there is so much trauma that has gone on there so much that the family needs to address and they want their child to just be bale to heal from it," Mathews said.

Court records show that in December 2013 the district attorney's office filed a motion to revoke Hancock's suspended sentence because he wasn't paying his fines. On Monday we reached out to the Creek County District Attorney's Office for a comment, but they haven't returned our calls.

We've also learned two parents currently have restraining orders against Hancock.