Wife of Teen Shooting Suspect Released on Bond

Shannon Kepler

Gina Kepler was released on a $25,000 bond Thursday night after making a deal with the District Attorney's office yesterday. They say she is not a public safety risk.

She, along with her husband, Tulsa police officer Shannon Kepler, surrendered to authorities Wednesday following the death of their daughter's boyfriend Tuesday night.

Gina Kepler is accused of hiding information connected to the case. Shannon Kepler remains in jail without bond. He's being held on a complaint of first degree murder in the fatal shooting.

TPD revealed that Gina was suspended with pay in 2012 for missing assigned calls for help and for being home during work hours. There is no record any disciplinary action against Shannon.

The D.A.'s office say they expect to file charges in the case next week.

Kepler refused to comment to the media after being released on bond.