Wild February

It sure has been a wild February so far, and it's about to get even wilder. Just last week we set records for some of the coldest temperatures as well as records for the most snowfall. This week it's a whole different ball game. Daytime high temperatures are now above normal for this time of year. On average, we can expect daytime high temperatures to be around 53 degrees in February. Today temperatures soared above the normal temperature. Some places in green country saw temperatures above 70 degrees!

The record high temperature for the month of February is 90 degrees. It was set back in 1996. Although we are not expecting temperatures to reach 90 this week, by the end of the week we will have temperatures in the mid 70s!

These warm temperatures won't last for too long, so make sure you get outside and enjoy the weather. Although temperatures will start to drop this weekend, they will not plummet into the 20s or 30s like earlier this month.


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