Wild Weather

From heat waves to droughts and earthquakes to hurricanes... 2011 has been a wild year for weather.

In OKlahoma this summer we have been experiencing extreme heat. On average, there are 11.4 days each year where temperatures are at or above 100 degrees. This year we have experienced 39 days where temperatures have been at or above 100 degrees!

Looking in the opposite end of the spectrum... we also experienced extremely cold weather this past February as well as above normal snowfall.

Also, we have been very dry this year. On average, the Tulsa metro area receives about 26.60" of rainfall by the end of August. So far this year we have only received 20.71" of rainfall. Recently we have fortunately seen some rain, but earlier this summer rain was very scarce.

And now we have earthquakes occurring in some unusual places. Early this morning around 1am on August 23rd, a 5.3 magnitude earthquake occurred about 9 miles south of Trinidad, Colorado. This is the strongest earthquake in Colorado since 1973 when a 5.7 magnitude earthquake occurred. Then at 1:53pm this afternoon, there was a 5.8 magnitude earthquake located near Mineral, Virginia. The shocks of the earthquake were felt throughout the mid-Atlantic. Some damage was reported in Washington DC and many airports and even some government buildings and monuments were evacuated.

And then there are hurricanes. Yes, it is hurricane season, but the interesting thing about Hurricane Irene is that she is expected to make landfall this weekend in the Carolinas. Yes, the Carolinas do experience hurricanes, but Irene is predicted to be a category 3 hurricane. If the predictions prove to be true, Irene will be the strongest hurricane to hit the Carolina shore since 1996!

With all of this weird weather going on, it's hard to keep track of it all! But stay tuned to News Channel 8 and we will keep you up to speed!

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