Wildfire Investigations Continue

There could be arrests made in the Mannford wildfires. Creek county deputies say the fire did not start on native American land, after all.

Channel 8's Kim Jackson has an update on this ongoing investigation.

A concerned neighbor told us that he believes the fire started right off{}a dirt road, near Bristow. At this point he says it doesn't matter if it's native American land or not, there's no way to recoup all the loses.

There is almost nothing left to prove there was a home in some places. And now some believe the fire--may have started with a nearby neighbor.

"I was working to the west, heading home{}I could see the smoke, went on by my house and went to the fire. The{}fire department was already there," said Steve Thompson, a neighbor.

Thompson thought it was his home on fire. And now--deputies say they have suspects---but nothing more.

The focus now--is on battling the fires--from a mobile command post.

"Each day we create a plan, {}an incident action and that plan is our roadmap for the day. It shows where crews are going to work what resources we need what the weather is going to be," said Sarah Gracie, who works with the Forestry Service.

It is hot--but firefighters from all over, sign up and wait. Others would like to know what happened.

"No matter what you do, there is not getting homes back and lives back and as far as I know no one has lost a life, but I don't know," said Thompson.

Lives have been changed.

There is waiting, not for an explanation but the call to put out more fires.

A spokesperson says they are considering arrests, but they would not release any names.